LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Separated parents have a new place to meet and visit their children. Ace's Place is giving families a safe alternative.

His adorable grin and irresistible energy are enough to make anyone smile. Ace is already the inspiration of something bigger than he knows.

"I saw it over and over again in the professional life. I knew it was needed but once I got custody of my grandson, then I knew it was needed because I needed it," Nichole Compton said.

Compton brings her grandson Ace to Ace's Place so she can supervise the time he spends with his parents. The new center acts as a middle man to help separated families, no matter the circumstance.

"This is safe. You don't have the pressure or the tension of the other ex being on the property while you're dropping your child off," Missy Kinnaird said.

Compton first saw the need as an attorney, specializing in child abuse cases for ten years.

"I was so naive to the world because I grew up in a two-family home that didn't have abuse, but the stories that you hear are horrendous and they're happening right here in this community," Compton said.

Many times, a judge orders supervised visits. "That puts the kid in an awkward situation and that puts the custodian in an awkward situation and quite frankly, the parents don't want to have that family member or custodian looking over them all the time."

The visitation and pick up center eliminates the friction.

"I don't know where we'd be. This is the only service I know of in the city. I think it's absolutely wonderful. Even though I'm not having a violent exchange or violent situation with my ex, I know it's out there," Kinnaird said.

Compton said the center offers parenting classes and while other places give families an hour of time with the child, this is open all day. 

"Ace's place has been there for us. The schedule is very, very flexible," Kinnaird said. "She [Compton] makes it happen, yeah, she does."

Since opening in April, Compton and her staff serve about 20 to 30 families at any time, including her own, with room to grow.

"You never know who is going through a situation where there is some kind of abuse, whether it's emotional or physical or mental or even education abuse here in the community, it could be your next door neighbor. So, having the opportunity with Ace's Place to provide somewhere safe, to provide somewhere that gives education to those families, is just awesome because the stories out there are horrendous," Compton said. "We've been a saving grace for so many families, that's what keeps me going."

Ace's Place is located at 9900 Shelbyville Road in Louisville. It's on the 2nd floor of 5B. For more information, click here or call (502) 354-6022.

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