LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Vice President Joe Biden is taking up the cause of campus rape prevention in a new PSA.

The video, which appears on the Web site FunnyOrDie, shows Biden going "undercover" with actor Adam Devine at a college frat party.

"Let's rock and roll, man," Biden says as he fist-bumps Devine and the two stroll into the party.

"Hey there, fellow college student," Biden says awkwardly as Secret Service agents begin to frisk one of the party attendees.

"It's okay, they're just friends of mine," Biden tells the students. "Football team."

Eventually, both Biden and Devine blow their "cover" and explain the "real" reason they're there -- with soft music playing in the background.

"One in five women, and one in 16 men, are sexually assaulted by the time they leave college," Biden explains. "And we can all work together to change that."

Devine goes on to explain the PSA's solution to sexual assault:

"So, like, if you see, like, a buddy, and he’s talking to someone that’s too drunk to consent, you tell that buddy, like, ‘Yo buddy, chill!’ And then you make sure that drunk person gets home, right?" he asks.

"Exactly," Biden replies. "Exactly. You’ve got this."

Viewers are then asked to take the "It's On Us" pledge at ItsOnUs.org.

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