RADCLIFF, Ky. (WDRB) -- On a beautiful October afternoon, four siblings took their mother to visit their father to wish him a happy birthday.

Bill Farris wanted to be buried at the Kentucky Veterans Cemetery Central in Radcliff.

"It's just the military, you know. He had served, and he wanted to spend eternity with the rest of the people he served with," said Julie Hayes, one of Farris' daughters.

"We asked him all the time, why do you want to be buried all the way out there, so far from us? We all live in Louisville." 

Now, she says, the family understands.

"It brings chills, every time I come in, every time I drive into the place, it gives me chills," Hayes said. "It really is a special place."

Rumors have been flying that Kentucky's busiest veterans cemetery is running out of room. The Kentucky Veterans Cemetery in Radcliff says it has had a plan from the beginning to add more space.

Chuck Heater, director of the cemetery, says more than 4,700 veterans from all over Kentucky have been buried at the cemetery since it opened nearly ten years ago.

"They feel special to be able to be laid in rest among their brothers and sisters," Heater said.
More than 600 veterans are buried each year, with around 15 burial services a week.

"Veterans know that the cemetery will be taken care of," Heater said. "Perpetual care is one of the benefits of being buried here. This cemetery will always be taken care of. Grass will always be mowed, stones will be cleaned ... it will always be taken care of."

Heater says room is running out in phase one. There are just about 1,600 spots left right now, but that will change.

"The rumor is that we were going to be full like Zachary Taylor is in Louisville ... cannot take anymore," Heater said. "But that's not it. We're just coming to the end of our first phase, and we just need to expand."

With a $4.5 million grant approved, work will likely begin next summer to finish all 53 acres in phase one. It will add 5,000 grave sites for caskets and cremains. Years down the road, another 45 acres are designated for phase two for thousands more graves.

"We've got plenty of room to expand," Heater said. "This cemetery will be around for a long time."

Heater says the cemetery will not run out of space for at least 30 years.

If you are a veteran interested in being buried at the Veterans Cemetery in Radcliff, click here for more information or call 270-351-5115.

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