Roadie is an app that helps ship packages for a fraction of the price it costs at the post office.

Melina Decker has the app on her phone, and she’s ready to become a driver.

“What Uber is for transporting passengers, Roadie is for transporting and delivering goods of any kind,” Decker said. “You have to scan your driver’s license, and you are an independent contractor that can drive for Roadie whenever it's convenient.”

It's not a full-time job. It's more like a way to pay for your gas on a trip you're already taking like your commute to work or an out of town visit with friends.

“You get a notification, and it says someone nearby needs something delivered, and you're already going that way,” Decker said. “That's the most convenient part of it.”

As a Roadie driver, you could transport anything that fits in your vehicle, even food or pets.

“We transport anything from a small birthday gift for your aunt out of town to a big couch that is hard to transport,” Decker said.

It's convenient for the driver and for the sender. Depending on the item, urgency and the distance, it could cost less than half the price you would pay to normally ship a package. The driver and the sender coordinate a place and time for pick up.

“Say you buy a couch off of Craigslist, and you don't have a trailer, and renting a U-Haul is expensive,” Decker said. “You can just go on the Roadie app and see if there's a driver who has a trailer that can come and get it for you.”

"For example, it costs about $123 to send a couch from Louisville to Chicago (300 miles) with Roadie, whereas a traditional carrier charges anywhere from $500-$700 for the same distance and size," said Jackie Copp, Roadie's public relations account manager.

"Additionally, if you were sending a bike from Louisville to Lexington (70 miles), it'd cost about $53 with Roadie, while shipping it with a parcel carrier would cost about $73 after delivery and packaging costs." 

Roadie estimates there are about 500 users in Kentucky and about 800 users in Indiana. They say the more people who participate, the better the service works. 

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