LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- There will be no shopping on Thanksgiving Day ... at least not at the Jefferson Mall. 

Over the last few years, companies are having sales earlier than Black Friday, even staying open on Thanksgiving Day.

But Jefferson Mall officials are closing on the holiday. They hope to encourage retailers, employees and customers to instead spend Thanksgiving with their families. "I think everybody should be home with their family on the holidays," said Anson McMullen, a shopper. 

"People are wanting to spend the holidays with their families, and we're wanting to do that for them," said Heather Edge with the Jefferson Mall. "Really the magic of Black Friday and excitement has kind of diminished and we want to bring that back."

Not everyone is happy about it, though. "My reaction to the Jefferson Mall closing on Thanksgiving is crap," said Shelby Caffee. "A lot of main stores are closed, a lot of restaurants are closed, and for those people who don't have family, it gives you something to do for the day." 

Doug Burk owns Bluegrass Airbrush which has been in Jefferson Mall for a decade.

"It's probably gonna end up being about the same amount of business but less hours and more traditional," Burk said.

"I'm glad that they're actually thinking about their employees instead of just thinking, 'we can make so much more money if we stay open,'" shopper Cody Gentry said.

The Jefferson Mall will, however, be open on Black Friday, starting at 6 a.m. 

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