LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A bizarre family gathering was captured on caught on camera, and it happens in a setting you would never expect.

Patrick Steven Rapier is seen on video last Thursday going before a judge to answer to drug charges. When the court orders him to be taken into custody for an outstanding warrant, the only person there was his mom, Barbara Roby.

She was a bailiff. 

"I can't imagine a situation where a mother would have to arrest her son, but she would've done that," said Rapier's attorney, Keith Sparks.

It didn't exactly work that way. The video shows Rapier walking right out. 

"He's going to be charged with escape if he doesn't get back here," Judge Jack Seay said in the video.

The warning went unheard. Rapier apparently took off.

"In that moment, she had a decision to make. Do I chase my son down the road, or do I stay in here and do my first job -- protect the judge? That's her job -- protect the judge," Sparks said.

We're told Nelson County's Sheriff didn't see it that way and suspended Roby. Sheriff Ed Mattingly is not commenting on this story.

Sparks said she resigned, despite what he calls the rumor mill in Bardstown. 

"It's grown into the fact that she helped him escape, and that's just simply not true. The sheriff isn't saying that at all," he said.

The investigation is far from over. Kentucky State Police are now looking into the incident, trying to figure out if Roby could've done more.

"She's a very good person, and she did nothing wrong here," Sparks said.

Rapier was later picked up in nearby Bloomfield and taken to the Nelson County Jail. 

KSP tells WDRB that Roby has been charged with four counts of official misconduct in a different case. They won't release specifics. They will only say it's unrelated to her courtroom conduct last week, but similar in nature.

In an odd twist, WDRB has learned Roby is the aunt of missing Bardstown mother, Crystal Rogers.

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