LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An Elizabethtown man is facing misdemeanor charges after police say he used bug killer and a belt to torture various pets. 

According to an arrest warrant, the incidents took place between April 1 and Sept. 25 in Hardin County.

Police say that in April, a woman saw 28-year-old Jaron Lockridge spray Spectacide Bug Stop bug killer on the dog food provided to his roommate's German Shepherd. 

As a result of eating the food, police say the dog became very sick and continued to vomit. The dog eventually lost 20 pounds, and as of October, was still struggling to eat.

In June, police say Lockridge took a small red belt out of a woman's dress, wrapped it around the neck of one of his roommate's cats and lifted the cat off the ground, choking it for about 30 seconds. Lockridge was allegedly, "laughing the entire time he was committing this act."

Lockridge's alleged crimes didn't end there. In September, police say he got mad at his roommate, and sprayed Spectacide Bug Stop bug killer into his roommate's fish tank.

Police say he shot "three big squirts" of the bug killer into the tank. As a result, nine small white fish, two mini fresh-water lobsters and one eel were poisoned to death.

A warrant was issued for Lockridge's arrest on Oct. 12. He was taken into custody Sunday afternoon.

He's charged with second degree cruelty to animals and torturing a dog or cat.

Lockridge is currently being held in the Hardin County Detention Center.

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