LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A notorious past caught up with a local officer Monday when he was sentenced to more than two years in federal prison for abusing his power.

Matthew Corder tased and arrested Deric Baize in October of 2014 when Baize cursed at the then Bullitt County Deputy over a parking spot.

Corder apologized to the victim during sentencing saying, “I want you to understand I didn’t come to your door to disrespect you or violate your rights.”

Prosecutors said Corder was lingering in the neighborhood on an unrelated call and parked in a spot that blocked Baize’s driveway. Baize said, “F**k you” to the officer when he refused to immediately move.

The justice department used footage from Corder’s own body camera to win the case. It showed him forcing his way into Baize’s home and a struggle after Baize repeatedly refused to step outside. It was ruled a, “false arrest,” yet Baize sat in jail for two weeks before Bullitt County dropped the charges.

Corder’s attorney tried to make a plea for probation saying “officer Corder was baited.”

But Corder’s near 20-year history of excessive force complaints made against him came into play.

“What happened here is not a misunderstanding or a mistake,” Judge David Hale said.

“He (Baize) was happy to be able to stand up for all those other people," said Baize's attorney, Todd Lewis. "I know he was looking at people … who have been victimized by him (Corder) over the years.”

Corder will also have to pay restitution to Baize for the time he spent in jail and the home he lost while he was unemployed because of it. The exact amount has not been determined.

The court did not immediately take Corder into custody. He will be allowed to stay free until the bureau of prisons decides his placement. 

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