LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Four people are accused of orchestrating a fake date on the mobile app "Tinder" and then robbing a man.

Now, detectives with LMPD believe this was not the group's first victim.

In the latest case, the man was beaten and robbed. Police said the group admitted there was at least one other victim.

Detectives are hoping to hear from that person, especially now that the suspects are locked up at Metro Corrections.

"I open the door, and next thing I know, I hear steps running toward me," Alex Yancey-Watters said.

Yancey-Watters thought it was the beginning of a blind date. Instead, it started like a setup you'd see in a movie.

"I felt a gun on the back of my head," he said.

Yancey-Watters said after meeting a woman from a dating website, two men beat and robbed him.

"Two guys went in with the female, and one guy waited in the vehicle," said Det. Kevin Peak with LMPD's 4th Division.

Det. Peak is investigating the case and says there are four suspects. He said everyone had a part. Kimberly Hinkel was the date, Dametreeus Jackson and Terrence Heaton-Shelton were the muscle, and Steven Roe was the getaway driver.

"She used that website to try to find someone, and to try to make a quick dollar," Det. Peak said.

Police said the suspects also admitted that this was not the first time.

"That's what we are looking into is that it had been done one time in the past."

The other robbery reportedly happened in Bullitt County.

"From what we were told, they made the victim strip down from his clothing and took his money and made him get out of the vehicle, I believe, they said naked," Det. Peak said.

Meanwhile, one by one, the suspects faced a judge on Wednesday morning.

All four were represented by a court-appointed attorney, but Hinkel still tried to negotiate a bond reduction.

"I've got a paycheck coming Thursday and another one next Friday," she said. "I can give you a couple hundred dollars."

But the judge said, "Ma'am, respectfully, I do not believe that is an adequate bond based on these very serious charges. The seriousness of these allegations is just so great. Perhaps you just don't comprehend what the police believe you have done."

Right now, the suspects are charged with robbery, burglary and assault. If you have had contact with the suspects, you can call 574-LMPD.

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