LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- More than a year ago, WDRB's Eric Crawford left a somber University of Louisville basketball press conference and wrote, "Right now, we can only smell the smoke. Soon enough, we'll be able to tell exactly what is burning."

On Thursday, the NCAA took the lid off the fire.

After a year-long investigation into alleged sex parties thrown for U of L basketball players and recruits, the university released the NCAA's Notice of Allegations.

During a press conference Thursday, U of L's acting president Neville Pinto confirmed the NCAA's findings coincided with the university's internal investigation.

"The university gave them every document they asked for," Pinto said. "We wanted them to learn the truth. That's the only way to handle something like this."

In the NOA, the NCAA says 14 strip shows, 11 sex acts and two declined sex acts occurred in Billy Minardi Hall or in area hotels between 2010 and 2014, all orchestrated by former administrative staffer Andre McGee. Investigators found that "at least" $5,400 changed hands in the form of impermissible benefits.

Four Level I violations were levied against the program, including two against McGee and one against head coach Rick Pitino for failure to demonstrate that he monitored McGee. However, the NOA does not allege that Pitino had any knowledge of the violations, a stance that he vehemently defended.

"I believe in the NCAA," Pitino said. "Do I agree with the failure to monitor one of my people? No, absolutely not."

Director of Athletics Tom Jurich reiterated that point, going so far as to say that he doesn't believe it's possible that Pitino knew.

"I've come to the conclusion that he could not have known," Jurich said. "This activity was clearly kept from him."

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The NCAA and U of L representatives conducted more than 90 interviews with current and former players and recruits, parents, coaches and others involved in the case. U of L investigator Chuck Smrt said he does not believe a vacation of records is "appropriate," a violation that would put the 2013 NCAA Championship in jeopardy.

Steve Thompson, outside counsel for U of L, praised U of L for its cooperation throughout the year-long process.

"We're not sure there's anything more this university could have done to investigate this and get to the truth."

Back in February, U of L self-imposed a postseason ban on the 2015-16 season, which kept the Cardinals out of the ACC and NCAA Tournaments.

That decision, Smrt said, was based on the fact that Level I sanctions were anticipated. Smrt added that the contents of the NOA are just allegations, not charges.

U of L has 90 days to dispute the allegations, which they say they'll do. The NCAA's Committee on Infractions will then hand down its findings in the spring, Smrt said.

"I wish it could have been leaked out to me," Pitino said. "Because it would have been stopped immediately."

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