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POV | Fixed election is a myth

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One of the oldest plays in the book is: When you see the game slipping away, claim you’re being cheated. You see it in sports, where fans insist every call that goes against the home team is due to "crooked refs," and it’s the latest ploy by the Trump campaign to challenge the validity of an election that seems to be slipping through his fingers.

But just as the charge is rarely ever true in sports, it’s even less likely in America’s presidential voting process, which is so fragmented that a coordinated effort to manipulate all the factors that would produce a bogus winner would be virtually impossible.

First, voting for the president isn’t done nationally. Each state has its own rules, and within each state are hundreds or thousands of separate precincts. “Putting in the fix” would involve manipulating so many moving parts that such a plot would necessarily collapse under its own weight.

But more importantly, despite Trump’s complaints, there’s virtually zero evidence to back them up. Meanwhile, he’s dividing an already divided nation even further by calling into question the validity of a winning candidate who may not happen to be him.

Someone’s going to lose on November 8. But it’s going to be because more voters chose their opponent -- not because of a fixed election. And Trump would do well to abandon that discredited myth.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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