SPENCER CO, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Spencer County Sheriff's Office is homeless.

The sheriff says black mold forced him to move everyone out of the office.

The fiscal court has found a new location but the sheriff says it's it is not adequate and filed a lawsuit.

And until it's settled, the sheriff's office is working out of a trailer and police cars.

"We've taken one to the hospital, who was treated and released, a second one who was hospitalized, who still hasn't been able to return to work," says Spencer County Sheriff Buddy Stump.

Sheriff Stump said the black mold in his office is threatening the health and safety of his employees and the public.

"We've got a total of about 4 employees that are under doctor's care and advised not to be in the building."

That's why the sheriff's office filed the lawsuit against the Spencer County fiscal court.

"I'm trying to get the fiscal court to give us adequate space," said Sheriff Stump.

The fiscal court offered to rent space just down the road -- problem solved, right?

Not exactly, said Sheriff Stump.

"Can't put all those people in that small amount of space and conduct all the operations."

The sheriff said it is too small for the department's day to day needs.

"We have no place to interview suspects, the way that is laid out. We have no way to keep our juveniles away from the public while we're dealing with them, you could go on and on. No place for our property room ..." explained Sheriff Stump.

We went to Spencer County Judge Executive John Riley to get his side of the story.

"You know, all of this -- is not good for our county," Judge Riley said.

Judge Riley said he has tried everything to accommodate the sheriff's office, including machine to eliminate the mold and renting new office space.

"It seems like everything that we try to do is not adequate enough for the sheriff."

Right now, Judge Riley is limited in what he can say because of the pending lawsuit but did leave us with this.

"I wish there were better cooperation out of that sheriffs office."

Meanwhile, until the problem is resolved, Sheriff Stump admits his office had serious limitations.

"If we had a big case where we were having to do a lot of interviews and stuff, I really don't know what we would do, right now, if that happened."

In the lawsuit, the sheriff is asking for the fiscal court to simply provide adequate office space.

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