LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Taxes, kids and school construction: It's all up for vote as New Albany Floyd County Schools again asks the public for money.

And there's one word the school district tried to remove from the ballot.

Tim Slucher has a new vocabulary.

"I've learned how to tig weld aluminum, stainless, carbon, mig, stick..." he said.

You don't have to know what he's saying to see that Slucher likes his welding class.

"You get to work with molten medal all the time and not get hurt, hopefully," he said.

The Prosser Vocational School student will graduate this year certified in welding -- but New Albany-Floyd County Schools says the facility where he learned falls short of a stellar grade.

The school district says poor ventilation and tough space makes it a tough classroom

"We're going to be touching nine of the 16 of our schools," explained Michele Day, chairperson for Families for Floyd County.

New Albany-Floyd County Schools is going back to voters after last year's referendum failed. Prosser is the most expensive part of an $87 million bond package.

"What I think is most different from last time is the way we are fully engaging our public to fully understand what this means as a taxpayer," Day said. "It's tax rate neutral."

The district will soon pay off old debt, and instead of decreasing taxes, wants to keep the rate the same by taking out new loans to cover a new wave of construction.

It means on the ballot the question will will read as a tax increase.

The fresh campaign has not swayed Dorothy Gettelfinger.

"Why can't they take no for an answer?" Gettelfinger asked.

"I don't feel like the money is the real reason I am opposed to it," she added. "They are doing things that are not necessary tearing down good schools."

Part of the plan would build a new Slate Run Elementary School and Green Valley Elementary School. All totaled, it's $7 million more than the one that failed last year.

"I think it would help with all our big machinery because we get packed in sometimes," Slucher said.

It looks like Slucher will graduate Prosser certified in welding -- and a lesson in Politics 101.

Floyd County voters will decide on the school referendum during the general election Nov. 8.

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