LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The recent increase in violence has a local organization asking for the community to make a pledge for peace.

The Love Transformation Project wants everyone to sign a pledge for 90 days of peace and every day after.

"Anyone who signs the pledge is making a commitment to be a part of the change, put the guns down, stop the violence, turn the other cheek, love instead of hate," said Minister Vanessa Teague, who is working with the group.

The organization and its local partners gave out food, clothing, and free haircuts at an event in Shelby Park Saturday.

The group hopes the pledge gets the community working together to keep the peace.

Jefferson County has seen 100 homicides this year. That includes 94 in Louisville, five in Shively and one in Jeffersontown.

“It hurts me to know that we’ve had so many deaths in such a short time period,” Teague said.

The project hopes the pledge inspires people to take action in their neighborhood.

“What we have to do as a community is to challenge each other to be a part of that peace,” said Neal Robertson with the West Louisville Urban Coalition.

The group plans to hold more peace celebrations and continue working directly with people in need.

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