LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The growing crisis of addiction leads to a path of despair and sometimes even death. 

But a tiny object many people have sitting in their backyards gave birth to a big idea giving hope to hundreds of recovering addicts.

Vicki Salyers knows the pain of addiction all too well. Her son Jason lost his lifelong struggle with alcoholism.

"My husband and I went to his apartment to check on him, and we found him dead," Salyers said. "It's something you don't get over."

The devastating loss led to the birth of an idea to help others battling addiction. Salyers and a group of friends at Chrich Church United Methodist wanted to turn their jewelry-making hobby into something more.

An idea sprouted from the seeds of an acorn collection and a trip to The Healing Place, where Salyers' son once found hope.

"I went online and saw 'where hope is found' on the reception desk wall at the women's Healing Place," said Paula Matthews with Jewels of Grace. "I looked up quotes about hope and that's when I found 'within every acorn is the hope of a mighty oak,' and that word hope and the acorn came together."

"We had made them before just as a simple acorn necklace, but it's more than piece of jewelry. It's a symbol of hope for the women of the Healing Place."

The women call themselves the Jewels of Grace, but to the women of The Healing Place, they're simply the Acorn Ladies.

More than 1,000 women are now wearing their necklaces.

"Most of the women ... you'll see them in the hallway, and they'll have their hand around it," said Kim Bos, who has battled addiction. "And often times, when you're feeling really alone, when you're feeling really vulnerable, you can hold onto this and it radiates that love. It radiates hope."

The mission is now spreading just like the branches of the tree where it all started. Similar groups are popping up in other states.

"If i can do anything to even make one hour of their lives better, then it's an honor to do that," Salyers said.

The Acorn Ladies accept donations of materials to create their necklaces. For more information on how you can help them give back to The Healing Place, click here.

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