LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – A mother of five was laid to rest Wednesday after being found dead along railroad tracks in Louisville on Monday.

Family members are now shedding light on the hours leading up to Dool Gure’s death.

Gure's nephew, Mohamed Afi, said it was a typical morning of getting her children ready for school, but it took a dark turn when the younger children called their dad, saying mom never came back home from her walk.

“This has been a devastating tragedy for our community,” said Abanur Saidi with the Islamic Cultural Center of Louisville.

Gure, a 32-year-old Somalian-American immigrant, was killed after police say she was hit by a train not far from her home.

“It was a very horrific scene,” said Farhan Abdi, a Somali Community Center leader.

“What happened was a tragedy. She left five kids,” said Horiyo Farah, Gure's cousin.

Family and friends said knowing why Gure died is one thing, but understanding how is a completely different burden.

“Our families, our community members, our community leaders ... we all want to know how does the incident happen?” Abdi said.

Family tells us the day started like any other, and she even talked to her husband on the phone about an hour before her body was found a block from their home.

“She called him at 10:15 at home, and nothing was wrong. Everything was OK,” Afi said.

Even though Gure was not driving, the Somalian community is calling on city leaders to install crossing gates at the train crossing on Greenwood Avenue where she was hit.

In the meantime, community leaders are working to help the family financially and emotionally.

“Who is going to take care of these kids? Because in our culture, the mother ... she is the one who is the leader in the house,” Abdi said.

Despite all the uncertainty, family and friends find comfort in each other.

“What we know is she is gone, and nobody can replace Dool Gure,” Abdi said.

“And we pray for her to get better life after this life,” Saidi said.

If you would like to help the family members, you can make a donation on their Go Fund Me page. Donations can also be made to the Islamic Cultural Center of Louisville at 1701 Dumesnil St.

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