LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- LMPD says a gunshot detection system could improve response time and help with investigating shootings.

The department presented research on the systems to the Louisville Metro Council Public Safety Committee on Wednesday.

The systems use a network of microphones to triangulate the sound of gunshots and provide a location to police.

LMPD would start by installing the system in a three or four square miles area. The department says 60 to 90 percent of gunshots in cities are never reported.

“Even if you have a concerned citizen who calls and says someone is shooting on my block. It’s very difficult for a patrol officer to know exactly where that was to find that shell casing to find a bullet fragment,” said Lt. Joshua Judah with LMPD.

Police say other cities that have purchased the system have seen results.

“They’re able to focus their responders in the areas that need it the most," Lt Judah said. "They’re satisfied that they’re getting the best return on their investment."

LMPD would like to have a system in place within a year.

The department is working on receiving bids from vendors. Police are also considering options that include surveillance cameras.

Councilman David James says purchasing a gun detection system has support among city leaders.

“If it’s effective, it’s worth every penny," he said. "I don’t know that we’re going to put dollars on people’s lives, and so the number one responsibility of government is the safety of its citizens, and every person that I know of on the council feels that way."

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