LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Apparently the "I voted" sticker is just not enough for some. A tweet, a text, a snap, no matter how you do it ... this election will see voters showing off on social media. 

Trump or Hillary? That question was so last week.

Now voters want to know if Justin Timberlake broke any laws when he posted a picture to Instagram earlier this week, the selfie showing the entertainer voting in Tennessee. 

Technically, the picture did not break any laws in Timberlake's home state of Tennessee. Kentucky and Indiana are also states where you can post a pic at the polls and avoid a penalty. 

Aside from a selfie, what about going with "Facebook Live" as you vote? In Indiana, it is a bit a of gray area. You could probably get away with it. Officials say you just can't show anyone else in the polling area while you are on "Facebook Live." 

With less than two weeks until the election, officials want the story to stay about the big races and not about the reaction you get can from your followers.

"Please use discretion, because I don't want you taking a selfie, and the voter next to you being offended," says Floyd County clerk Christy Eurton. 

Kentucky and Indiana voters have it easy compared to those in Illinois. The possible fine for showing off your ballot with a picture in Illinois could put you in prison for up to three years. 

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