LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – A Louisville woman is telling a horrifying story of being attacked by her ex-husband while she was driving to work.

Michele Browning says she was driving to work like any other day the morning on Oct. 19, but when she looked up in her rearview mirror, that normal morning quickly turned to anything but normal.

“I look up in my rearview mirror and see him,” she said.

Police say the man she saw was her ex-husband, Salem Nagdy.

Browning says she immediately pulled the car off of the interstate and tried to get out but couldn’t.

“The police later on had told me he rigged the handles on both sides so I couldn't get out,” she said.

Browning says she then remembers Nagdy repeatedly beating her over the head with a flashlight and tazing her.

“The last thing I remember is my scarf coming off into the seat and seeing it covered in blood,” she said.

She woke up in the hospital a day later.

“My daughters said I was staring off into space and didn't recognize anyone,” she said. “It wasn't until I was able to go to the bathroom and see myself in the mirror that I realized the damage done to my head.”

Browning had a fractured skull and received 86 staples in her head. She also lost hearing in her left ear, though that is expected to return.

“I'm surviving,” she said. “I'm just trying to move forward.”

Nagdy was arrested that day and charged with charged with assault, domestic violence, kidnapping and eavesdropping.

“I know this is going to sound funny, but I feel sorry for him," Browning said. "To hate someone so much ... especially the mother of your children."

Browning and Nagdy had been married for 15 years until last year when they were divorced. They have five children together.

Browning says after the divorce, she had a domestic violence order taken out against Nagdy and said she hadn’t heard from him since November. That changed in October.

She says around a week before the attack, Nagdy showed up while she was picking up her kids from school.

“As I'm starting to drive away, he comes up to my van and says 'you're going to regret this,'” Browning said.

That’s when she went and requested an emergency protective order.

“The judge granted it to me, but they weren't able to serve it to him because they couldn't find him,” she said.

A week later is when she was attacked.

“You don't know what you're capable of overcoming until you've been through it,” Browning said. “It wasn't my time to die.”

In addition to the assault, police say Nagdy set up a recording device inside of Browning’s car to listen to her phone calls.

“It all had to do with control. He just had a hard time dealing with the fact that I wasn't his wife anymore,” she said. “I really feel like he just snapped.”

Browning says she wants other women in similar situations to be aware and says she refuses to be down or blame herself.

“Abusers don't win,” she said. “They can't win. We can't allow them to win, and I refuse to let him win.”

Nagdy is expected in court on Monday.  

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