LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The hunt is on for answers to who stole from a disabled man.

Roger Eisenback doesn't let life's limitations hold him back. The 33-year old with cerebral palsy looks forward to fall every year.

"I just can't walk," Eisenback said. "My hips won't hold me up. As far as the brain, well, I'm halfway normal."

He loves the outdoors -- and he knows what he'll be doing, and who he'll be doing it with.

"I usually crossbow for white tail deer," Eisenback said. "My uncle Jeff got me into it, and the first time I went, I was hooked."

"To see him kill one and get that smile on his face...it means a lot," said Jeff Sneed, Eisenback's uncle. "That's been my vacation for the last nine years."

Sneed owns the Fischer's Sporting Goods store in Shepherdsville.

But this year, their hunting season was shot down.

"I had a crossbow with arrows, two backpacks, full of gear, butchering knives," Eisenback recalled.

All of it was stolen from an equipment shed off W. Blue Lick road on the same Bullitt County property where they hunt. 

"I couldn't believe it," Sneed said. "I could not believe it. Take a man in a wheelchair's stuff? It's got to be someone drugs or something."

It's about a $1,600 loss. A Wicked Ridge crossbow was the most expensive part, costing close to $1,000. And it wasn't just any crossbow: Roger's uncle adapted it for his special needs. 

"It would be easier for me to pull back because they're about 150 to 180 pounds, and you just can't really do that with no foot, to be able to do that," said Eisenback. "It's pretty hard."

The incident happened in September. There are still no leads. 

"If they look at it, it has an aluminum bracket on the side where the reel goes," Sneed said. 

The family is sharing the story, asking other hunting, trade-in and pawn shops to keep a look out, hoping people with the same passion will help in the hunt for answers. 

"They may take from me today and take from you tomorrow," Eisenback said.

"Justice is the biggest thing for me," he added.

Eisenback's uncle and some community members stepped up with donations and loaner equipment for the season. If you'd like to help, contact Fischer's Sporting Goods at (502) 543-6588.

Anyone with tips in the case should call Bullitt County Sheriff's Department at (502) 543-2514.

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