LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A new clinic is gaining global attention for combining the game of basketball and ministry to reach hundreds of kids.

Former University of Louisville player Terrance Farley and Phillip Morrison started Hoops for Christ last year.

"Investing, teaching and inspiring these kids to do better. If it isn't us, then who," Farley said.

Morrison's visit to the Philippines sparked the idea. "I saw what true poverty looks like," Morrison said.

When Morrison wasn't playing professional basketball, he was teaching it. "I began to see the power and the platform basketball was," Morrison said. "I wanted to use that same format, come back home to Louisville."

That's what he did, using high-level basketball training as a ministry.

"To see guys that have been all over the place, been everywhere, played basketball, got paid for it and then come back and then work with little 7-year-olds on a crossover dribble, I love that. That was so cool to me," said Nathan Sheets, a Hoops for Christ player.

Hoops for Christ has partnered with about 15 churches and ministries, holding clinics in all ends of town to reach hundreds of kids.

"I felt like everything should have been given to me. I felt a sense of entitlement. Once I was able to get into this, it was a very humbling experience for me and I was able to see the world in a much different light," Farley said.

Trainers, teams and ministries in other parts of the world have taken notice. However, the co-founders said this is just the beginning.

"Me and Phillip always joke about most kids don't like to go to church, but they'll come out to bounce a basketball. They'll listen to what we have to say then and once we have something they want. So, I think we've been able to use this in a very productive way to be able to carry the message and keep them coming back for more," Farley said.

Hoops for Christ is planning on taking a trip to the Philippines this spring.

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