LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - Police say a man admitted to beating a woman with a flashlight so badly that her skull fractured.

In court Monday, the suspect went on a tangent when identified as the victim's ex-husband.

"She's still Islamically my wife. She knows this. We're still Islamically married. We're still Islamically married!" Salem Nagdy exclaimed.

"She knows this. I'm trying to save my family! Why nobody understand me? I begged her for a year, she's still Islamically my wife," Nagdy continued, before Judge Anne Delehanty asked him to be quiet or else he would be removed from the courtroom.

St. Matthews Police Det. Jeff May testified about evidence in the case against Nagdy during a hearing. He says on the day of the attack, the victim could not provide police with any information from her hospital bed.

"She kept saying God help me, God help me, but she was not able to say anything else," Det. May said.

He says Nagdy originally told hospital staff that they had been in an accident. But Det. May says once he interviewed Nagdy, that Nagdy told him what happened.

Police say Nagdy admitted to hiding in the backseat of his ex-wife's van, in order to attack her.

"Mr. Nagdy admitted that he came out from the backseat and began striking her several times on the head," Det. May said.

His ex-wife, Michele Browning, ended up with a fractured skull and more than 80 staples. Browning expressed in an interview with WDRB why she thinks her ex-husband attacked her. After 15 years of marriage, they divorced last year. She says it all had to do with control, and that he just had a hard time dealing with the fact that I wasn't his wife anymore.

During the hearing, Det. May went through more evidence, including that Nagdy admitted to hiding a recording device in Browning's van a week before the incident to record her conversations. Police say they found a backpack in the van with disturbing items inside.

"There was a metal pipe, approximately a foot in length, there was a roll of duct tape, a copy of the Qur'an, several tools, what appeared to be either a phone or some electrical cord," Det. May said. 

Nagdy's attorney asked for the bond to be lowered and for Nagdy to be put on home incarceration. The prosecutor strongly objected and asked for the bond to be raised.

"Given his own statements here in court today, he feels like this crime is justified. I don't think we're getting through to him the seriousness of this offense," said Ingrid Geiser, assistant Jefferson County Attorney.

"If this defendant is released, Ms. Browning will be killed. He had one intention in mind that day, and that was to kill her, and it's really just a miracle that she's not dead."

The judge kept Nagdy's bond at $50,000 cash. Nagdy is charged with assault, eavesdropping, domestic violence and kidnapping.

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