LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- With Election Day a week away, one Indiana candidate brought in a big gun.

House Speaker and 2012 vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan tried to fire up Hoosier Republicans on Tuesday in Clark County.

Ryan flew into Clark County airport to provide air support for 9th District Congressional candidate Trey Hollingsworth in the final week of his campaign for Congress.

A small but enthusiastic crowd greeted Ryan in an airport hangar. Ryan urged support for Hollingsworth, U.S. Senate candidate Todd Young and, without saying his name, Donald Trump.

“Hoosiers will very much determine who's controlling the United States Senate, who's controlling the United States Congress, who goes into the White House," Ryan said. "So here's the deal. We've got to get out and vote for the entire Republican ticket up and down that ballot."

Hollingsworth had strong words for his Democratic rival Shelli Yoder.

“I truly believe, and I hope that you agree with me, that the Nancy Pelosi politics, the Hillary Clinton politics, the Shelli Yoder politics are evil,” Hollingsworth told the crowd.

Later, Hollingsworth would not back down when asked if he really thinks Yoder's policies are evil.

“I do. I see them continuing to erode the values that matter most to Americans,” Hollingsworth told WDRB.

After the rally, Shelli Yoder’s campaign manager issued the following statement:

Tennessee Trey is in trouble because Hoosiers are rejecting his attempt to buy a Congressional seat meant for a Hoosier. This race is tied and he's reaching for help from Washington politicians. After Tennessee Trey and his Dad spending millions, the last thing Hoosiers need is more outsiders involved in his campaign.

That's a reference to a major theme of Yoder's campaign, the fact that Hollingsworth moved to Indiana just last year.

Hollingsworth says this race is not a referendum on where he has born.

“This race, this election, is a referendum on where we want to go as a country,” he said.

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