SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police are on the hunt for a man accused of beating his girlfriend and trying to set her Bullitt County home on fire while she was unconscious inside.

Detective Myra Minton with the Shepherdsville Police Department says a warrant for Chad Vittitow, 38, was issued Tuesday afternoon.

While the warrant was initially for assault, Minton says the charges were upgraded Wednesday to attempted murder and attempted arson in connection with an alleged attack on his girlfriend Oct. 29 at her Shepherdsville home.

WDRB News has a policy of not identifying domestic violence victims, but Vittitow’s girlfriend, Crystal Hayden-Mobley, wants her name and her injuries to be seen in the hopes that Vittitow will be caught.

“I thought he was gonna kill me, and all I could think in my mind was just kill me. Get it over with,” Hayden-Mobley said.

“That was like three hours of me going through hell with him. He punched me, got me down on the ground, started kicking me in my stomach and my chest and face. There’s a piece off my mirror that’s missing, and I’m gonna assume that my head hit it.”

Hayden-Mobley says she suffered broken ribs, facial fractures and a concussion at the hands of her boyfriend.

At one point, the victim says she was knocked unconscious. She says that’s when Vittitow started setting fire to items around her house.

When she regained consciousness, she says she took off running to a neighbor’s house to call 911.

After three days at University Hospital, Hayden-Mobley is not shying away from sharing her experience. She has posted pictures of her injuries and her boyfriend all over social media. Those pictures have been shared hundreds of times by people all over the country.

“I’m scared if I go home, he’s gonna come kill me in the middle of the night," Hayden-Mobley said.

The Bullitt County Detention Center is already familiar with Vittitow. While not revealing his previous charges, an employee says he’s been in the jail at least five times in the last three years.

“I want police to lock him up and keep him there for as a long as possible,” Hayden-Mobley said.

Anyone with information on Vittitow’s whereabouts can call the Shepherdsville Police Department at (502) 921-1000.

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