LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of a Louisville Metro Police officer killed by an alleged drunk driver last weekend.

The funeral for Detective Jason Charles Schweitzer took place Wednesday afternoon at Saint Michael Catholic Church. 

Community members, friends and family were joined by Schweitzer's fellow officers.

"All of you being here is a testimony to the goodness that he was as a person,"said the Rev. Dick Sullivan, pastor of St. Michael's. "Not only as a detective, but as a human being, a parent and father and husband."

Schweitzer, 37, was in Lexington early Saturday morning when he and 56-year-old University of Kentucky employee Timothy Moore were hit and killed by a woman who police say was driving drunk. She has since been charged with one count of DUI and two counts of manslaughter.

He is survived by his young daughter and wife, who is also pregnant with a son due in March and will be named Jackson Charles.

During the funeral mass, hundreds of people filled the sanctuary, many of them in uniform with black, elastic band across their shields symbolizing the loss of an officer. Family members then filed in behind Schweitzer's casket.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and LMPD Chief Steve Conrad were also in attendance to pay their respects.

Sullivan gave the homily and addressed the family directly during the service.

"One of our fellow priests said, 'I hope they know the whole city is praying for you,'" Sullivan said. "And certainly even beyond our city, our entire commonwealth and beyond are praying for you."

Schweitzer was also the vice president of the police union. It is why he was in Lexington Saturday, for an FOP convention.

"We were blessed to have him 37 years," Sullivan said. "But now he is gone to his eternal reward."

FOP Chaplain Larry Bush gave the eulogy on behalf of Schweitzer's father, Steve, who stood right there as Bush spoke.

"I will miss his laugh, his hugs and kisses, but I am blessed to continue to get those hugs and kisses through Jessica, Avery, Jackson, his mom Carol," said Sullivan, speaking Schweitzer's written words.

"Sometimes during these occasions, people and friends want to toast folks like Jason, and out of respect for him and the family, please raise a glass of water, tea, soft drink, but no alcohol today or tonight. This is somber ... and nothing, nothing will deaden the pain we all feel."

Steve Schweitzer took the podium after the eulogy and spoke briefly.

"If Jason could be standing here today, that he would tell you as you honor him today, please do not forget that another man, Timothy Moore, was tragically ripped from his family, and we should remember him and his family in our prayers," Steve Schweitzer said through a shaky voice with tears.

"And as Jason's final words may be the words that echo in my head from the ballgames, 'Go Cards!'" said Steve Schweitzer, breaking the somber ceremony with a bit of laughter from the audience. "Goodbye my son, hashtag 'Team Schweitz forever.'"

As the funeral was wrapping up inside, hundreds of citizens and children lined the street outside the church and during parts of the procession to Cave Hill Cemetery in the Highlands. Several local fire departments parked on Interstate 265 and Interstate 64 overpasses, many of which were draped with an American flag. 

Hundreds of police cars from Louisville, Lexington, Jeffersontown and other departments were part of the 10-mile route from Jeffersontown to the Highlands. The procession through the gates of Cave Hill cemetery lasted more than 20 minutes and as the hearse carrying Schweitzer passed through, officers gave him a salute. 

During graveside services, Schweitzer was laid to rest with full police honors, including a 21-gun salute and bagpipes played by the Louisville Fire & Rescue Pipes and Drums. 

At the conclusion of graveside services, his final call echoed over a police radio: 

"Radio to 694...radio to 694," the dispatcher said, calling Schweitzer's badge number, then pausing. "This is the final call for Unit 694, Detective Jason Schweitzer. Det. Schweitzer served the Louisville Metro Police Department and the citizens of Louisville Metro in honor, with integrity and distinction. Unit 694, Det. Jason Schweitzer is 10-7. He has gone home. May he rest in peace."

Donations to the fund for Schweitzer’s family can be made at the Louisville Metro Police Officers Credit Union. Just write his name in the memo line on any checks to designate it to his fund. Any non-monetary donations for Schweitzer’s family can be brought to the River City Lodge 614 at 6204 Price Lane Road, Louisville, KY, 40229.

There has also been a Go Fund Me account set up to help his family. As of Wednesday night, $44,200 had been donated.

Moore will be remembered Thursday. He served in the Navy and was a father of three and a grandfather of 12. 

His visitation and funeral will take place in Cincinnati.

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