LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Clarksville Police say they've arrested two people after they stole a sign advertising Republican U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

According to a probable cause affidavit, a Clarksville Police officer was on a routine traffic patrol on Oct. 12 when the officer noticed a red Chrysler in the parking lot of a vacant Dairy Mart near the corner of Byron Drive and Greentree Boulevard. 

"I watched two individuals stuff something inside the vehicle, and then quickly get inside their vehicle," the officer wrote. "The vehicle then pulled out onto Greentree Blvd. rapidly and sped away."

The officer "thought it suspicious" that the vehicle was speeding away from a vacant business at 3 a.m., so the officer pulled the vehicle over near the corner of Greentree Boulevard and Highway 131.

"When I approached the vehicle to speak with the driver, I noticed a very large and wet (from the dew) Trump/Pence campaign sign folded up and stuffed inside the back seat, obstructing the back window," the officer wrote in the probable cause affidavit. 

Inside the vehicle was the driver, Seth Hays, and a passenger, Stephanie Hombroek, court documents reveal. Police say Hays admitted to taking the Trump sign, stating that both he and Hombroek were "just being dumb."

"I asked both Mr. Hays and Ms. Hombroek why they had taken the Trump sign, and they stated no particular reason," the officer wrote. "Mr. Hays again stated they were just being dumb and he was going to place the sign in his back yard. Ms. Hombroek and Mr. Hays agreed that it was wrong and they should have not stolen the sign. Ms. Hombroek stated she thought it was a cheap sign, costing no more than $20. She stated she would not have stolen it if she knew that it had cost a lot more money."

Police say Hays eventually told officers "they just pulled the sign off to remove it." The sign was damaged, according to authorities.

Both were arrested and charged with theft and criminal mischief and taken to the Clark County Detention Center.

The chairwoman for the Trump campaign in Clark County says she has seen about 50 signs stolen.

The sign taken on Oct. 12 has been returned and will be put back up in the same location.

“Mine out of my own yard was taken. I had gone with some friends to a brunch,and I was back home in less than two hours,” Lorilee Ward said.

In a separate case, a Clarksville woman says the Trump sign at her mother's home was spray painted Monday. She removed a swear word with nail polish remover and kept the sign in place. Police have not made any arrests.

“You always stand your ground. You don’t let people scare you off or make you afraid to do something that you believe in,” April Forbis said.

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