LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Thanksgiving leftovers are pretty common, but what about Halloween leftovers?

Saturday, animals at the Louisville Zoo had a chance to eat, smash, or play with the hundreds of pumpkins that decorated the zoo for The World's Largest Halloween Party.

It's called the Zoo Animal Pumpkin Smash.

Some of the pumpkins are filled with fruit or other food, and some are given special scents.

"Some animals eat the pumpkins. Like the elephants, they'll eat it whole. If it's a smaller, decent size, medium pumpkin, they'll eat it whole. Sometimes, they'll smash it with their feet," Kyle Shepherd said. "Some animals they sniff it, they love on it, and toss it around and play with it like a toy."

The Pumpkin Smash is more than just a way to dispose of the pumpkins, a zoo spokesperson says it also promotes the animals' expression of their natural behavior.

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