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POV | Unbiased journalism applies to all

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Last week, I did an editorial about the national media’s bias against the wealthy, the conservatives and the Republicans. I said that is it so obvious during this election cycle that the national media is barely trying to hide it anymore.

Some viewers took me to task asking, “Why didn’t you say anything about the Fox News Channel? You conveniently left them out to make your point.” Yes, I did leave them out, but only because it seemed redundant to talk about their bias. They have always tilted in favor of the conservatives and the Republicans. I thought everybody already knew that without me saying it.

I still don’t support biased reporting no matter who does it, including the Fox News Channel.

I worked at a station one time that would not allow the reporters to nod in response to something the person they were interviewing was saying. Some might interpret the nod as understanding, while others might think the nod signified agreement, and a reporter was never to agree or disagree – only to report the facts.

Human beings all have their biases and being 100 percent objective is almost humanly impossible. Still, one of the founding principles of journalism is to hold scoundrels in government and business accountable to the populace with the truth. It is not to tilt the truth to frame the message in a way that suits the journalist. 

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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