TAYLORSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- There's outcry in Taylorsville after nameplates were stolen from a memorial dedicated to veterans. 

Every year at this time Marvin Sturgeon returns to the Veterans Wall of Honor in Taylorsville. He spends time polishing the nameplates, but this year he noticed something amiss. 

There are now four empty spaces where names used to be on the wall of 350 names of veterans from Spencer County. 

"There's no use in destroying property that people went and gave their lives for," Sturgeon said 

Magistrate Hobert Judd says no one knows why the thieves stole the name plates. 

"They're taking them off during the evening hours or when there's no one around," Judd said. "Someone comes and pulls them off for whatever reason."

You can tell the names are missing from the glue left behind, but caregivers can't tell who they are. Unfortunately, the caregivers are unable to determine which names are missing because there are no records of names or the people who submitted those names.

"They're all gone as far as we know," Judd said. 

They were lost in transition. 

The VFW cared for the veterans memorial for decades but as the group died off in Taylorsville, the site fell into disrepair. The county took over last year, rehabbed the bricks, hung new flags but found no records.

"I think it will get fixed because I will stay on it just like a tiger on a bone, you know, just keep with it. But there's no time frame."

This week the fiscal court considered installing cameras to better secure the memorial downtown, but Sturgeon wants more. He'd like county crews to screw on the names that are now glued into place. The former Marine says the men and women who fought for our country now need the protection they deserve. 

With no good records on file county leaders are asking the community in Taylorsville to visit the wall this Veterans Day and see if they can fill in the gaps.
If you notice a family member missing, contact the fiscal court.

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