LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Dan Johnson, the Republican state candidate at the center of a controversy surrounding alleged racist Facebook posts, has won the House of Representatives seat in the 49th District, knocking off incumbent Linda Belcher.

Johnson beat Belcher by less than 200 votes, according to Rebekah Witherington, chair of the Bullitt County Democratic Party.

“I’m thinking the real losers are the citizens of Bullitt County,” she said.

On Wednesday, Belcher said she would not ask for a recanvass. 

Johnson did not return a phone call seeking comment.

He has been criticized for a number of images posted or shared on his Facebook page, including a photo of a chimpanzee -- labeled as a baby picture of President Barack Obama -- and another image with ape-like features photo-shopped onto pictures of the Obama family.

Mac Brown, Chairman of the Republican Party of Kentucky, apologized for Johnson's posts, saying they do not reflect the views of Republicans. 

Johnson said the Facebook posts were “entertainment.

"It is to get peoples' attention, and I know exactly the post you're talking about, and I want to tell you right now, the politicians of Kentucky -- a lot of those politicians that were sent there to do a change, to do a great job and to help Kentucky -- have made a monkey out of the state. They've made a monkey out of Kentucky. There's a lot of politicians who I think have made a monkey out of the American people."

Johnson argued that his posts were no different than newspaper editorial cartoons that portrayed caricatures of past Presidents, including George W. Bush.

"I surely didn't post anything to offend anyone, but these posts that have been cartoons or characterizations have been used by the news media -- by especially newspapers -- ever since, I know from Abraham Lincoln forward, you'll find them," he said. "All you have to do is look them up."

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