LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two young people have been killed and two juveniles were arrested, all in just two days.

Trayona McDowell, 18, was killed in Okolona on Wednesday. Le Truong, 15, was killed in Louisville’s Southside neighborhood.

“It's always tragic when any life is taken, and it's exceptionally tragic when a young life is taken,” said Lt. Emily McKinley of LMPD.

Truong, a freshman at Iroquois High School, was found shot on a sidewalk near his home. Police have not arrested anyone in his death. However, police have arrested two juveniles accused of killing McDowell.

“It's also tragic when a young life is held responsible for a crime such as murder,” Lt. McKinley said.

Nick Mudd, who has prosecuted teenagers but now defends them in court, says it's unimaginable how many teens have guns.

“Young kids, they just don't go out and buy a gun for no particular reason. They're doing it out of fear,” Mudd said.

Fear of having to protect one another, he explained.

“From their grandparents, to their parents to them, it is kind of ingrained … We take care of ourselves or will take care on our own,” Mudd said. “It's an unwritten code that you don't call police.”

It comes down to the "don’t be a snitch" mentality.

But when teens have guns, an irresponsible mistake can have life-altering consequences.

“Teenagers are hormonal. They make rash decisions," Mudd said. "Throw in a weapon that's capable of ending someone's life in a split-second, and that is a recipe for disaster."

In his experience, Mudd says the solution will have to come from within the community.

“It's going to take parents, grandparents, and even kids saying we're tired of this in our community, we're tired of the killing, we're tired of the guns, and we're going to turn people in for breaking the law, having these guns and killing one another,” he said.

Otherwise, more young lives will be taken too soon.

If you have any information in Truong’s death, police ask you to call the anonymous tipline at 574-LMPD.

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