LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Ever since Donald Trump became the President-elect, post-election demonstrations have been popping up in Louisville, including one on Bardstown Road Sunday.

On the surface the rally came across as an anti-Trump event, one of many that has taken place across the nation. But one woman on hand who voted for Hillary Clinton believes gatherings like these don't solve anything.

"It doesn't help because you are just promoting the fact that we didn't vote for him and we are against everything he stands for," said the woman.  

The woman didn't give her name or tell us why she showed up. She doesn't support Trump but doesn't support demonstrations like this either. 

WDRB asked others holding signs why they used Sunday to stage a public demonstration.

"I feel like this is about unity, not about division, it's about healing the division," Sandy Selby said.  

Many at the rally felt that Trump and Clinton ran campaigns based on negativity, this group said they had the power to change that narrative.

But that change won't happen overnight.

"I'm worried that our coming together is going to take a long time, and that concerns me," Sue Levy said. 

The single most important question WDRB asked people at the rally: Would the group be out on the corner of Bardstown Road and Douglass Boulevard if Hillary Clinton was the president elect?

"If there was hate being broadcast, yes," Levy added.  

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