INDIANAPOLIS (WDRB) -- He's the next Vice President of the United States, but he says he's committed to Indiana first.

Gov. Mike Pence says he will finish his term as Indiana's governor before heading to the White House.

Pence came back to the state Capitol in Indianapolis, Monday, to hold his first cabinet meeting since becoming Vice President-elect.                   

There were applause and handshakes all around as Pence sat down with his team, some of whom may join him in the White House.

“We have an enormous opportunity before us for this country, to revive our economy, rebuild our military and, in a very real sense, renew the American dream,” said Pence.

Pence acknowledged he'll be traveling a lot from Indianapolis to New York to Washington as he transitions to his new job.

But Pence says he will finish his term as governor.

"I believe in finishing what you started," Pence said. "It's an honor to serve as governor of the state I love. It has been the greatest honor of my life, and we intend to finish this term and hand over the state government on a strong fiscal foundation."

Pence is actually wearing three hats, vice president-elect, governor, and chairman of Donald Trump's transition team, playing a leading role in filling the President-elect's top jobs.

"We are looking for men and women who share the President-elect’s vision to make America great again," said Pence.

Through it all, Pence is promising a smooth transition to the new administration of Lt. Governor and now Governor-elect Eric Holcomb

“We're going to finish strong," Pence said. "We're going to roll our sleeves up and finish this job, hand the keys to this administration and to state government over to this new team coming in."

Holcomb said he’s "flat out excited" that Pence is taking his “proven approach” to the nation's capitol.

"It is so great to have a Hoosier in the White House, and we wish you Godspeed," said Holcomb.

Pence's term as governor officially ends on Jan. 9, 11 days before he is officially sworn in as vice president. 

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