LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Let’s consider this our Tuesday tradition:

I’ll collect eight college football rankings — the AP writers’ poll, the USA Today coaches’ poll and the six computer formulas that were used as one-third of the formula in the retired Bowl Championship Series.

I’ll log the numbers, average the results and predict how the teams will be ranked when the College Football Playoff Top 25 is released on Tuesday nights.

The release will be delayed by at least two hours today. Blame college basketball.

Instead of the usual 7 p.m. reveal, the results will be shared around 9:15 p.m. between the Kentucky-Michigan State and Kansas-Duke games in Madison Square Garden.

Patience is not my strength. I have the averages from the eight polls now. No reason to delay.

I invite you to debate them with Eric Crawford and me — Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. during our Sports Page Live webcast at WDRB.com and Tuesday from 12-to-3 p.m. as we pinch hit for Bob Valvano on the Bobby V Show on ESPN 680 in Louisville.

Without further delay, here are the numbers from the eight rankings:

1. Alabama — Nothing to see here.

2. Ohio State — As I’ve mentioned before, the Buckeyes could lose their spot in the Big Ten title game to Penn State.

3. Michigan — The 11th week of the season is never a great time to lose your starting quarterback.

4. Clemson — Am I the only one who thinks “underachievers” when I watch this team?

5. Louisville — The Cardinals got three servings of help last week but will need more.

6. Washington — Will the playoff committee snub the Pac-12 two consecutive seasons?

7. Wisconsin — All the Badgers have to do is keep winning.

8. Penn State — I think the legitimate contenders stop at 7 but I have to fill 10 slots.

9. USC — Hard to believe (or forget) this group lost to Alabama, 52-6.

10. Oklahoma — Whatever happened to the Big 12?

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