I have a few post elections complaints. I think peaceful protesting is fine.

Turning them into riots and looting is not.

Honestly, I don't recall conservatives running out and rioting when Obama was elected.

I like to think the American people are better than that.

If someone wants to carry a sign that says, "I didn't vote for Trump," that's fair, but carrying signs saying, "He is not my president" is wrong and inaccurate.

Donald Trump is, in fact, going to be your president, unless you plan to move to another country and renounce your citizenship. He is the legally elected president of the people of the United States.

Sometimes elections don't go the way you want. That's life, but Obama was my president, just like Bush before him, Clinton before him, and so on.

I didn't vote for all of them, and I didn't agree with all their policies, but once elected, I wanted them all to succeed.

My goodness, if they fail, we fail too. Don't people understand that?

Finally, I don't believe there is any evidence to suggest that Donald Trump is a racist, although I wish he would denounce it more emphatically.

Since he won, some misguided fools out there now think hatred is OK. It never was and it isn't now.

Donald Trump should emphatically condemn and distance himself from any hate groups that support him.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.