LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- They're accused of selling cocaine, but their attorneys claim it was something cleaner.

Jose Guzman Jr. and J. Cid Alvaro were arrested back in August. The Bullitt County Drug Task Force says they had three kilos of suspected cocaine and $5,000 dollars in cash.

J. Clark Baird represents Alvaro and says the New York man is out of jail, but Guzman remains behind bars. Baird believes Guzman has a similar soap case based on court discussions.

Baird said, "The co-defendant Mr. Guzman, his primary lead counsel, Mr. Harvey Slovis has maintained what was seized was not in fact cocaine, but it was actually soap."

Slovis is known as an attorney who has had several high profile cases with celebrities. His website says he has represented music stars, including Jay-Z, Sean Combs, Tommy Lee, Lil’ Kim, as well as Vicente Rosario of the New York Mets. For the local case, he came to Louisville to represent Guzman.

Court documents say that out in the field, there was a detectable amount of cocaine in the drugs that were confiscated. "Field testing is not the most accurate type of testing as compared to laboratory examination, so what we think is that ultimately the hope is when it's lab tested, it will come back as free of cocaine," Baird said.

"I would assume it would be more like a powdered soap, more like a detergent,” Baird said.

Court documents show an informant alerted the Drug Task Force that two men would be in a downtown Louisville hotel parking lot in August on East Jefferson Street with three kilos of drugs in a black duffel bag.

Baird said, "I can't say that they were attempting to pass this off as cocaine, I don't know what the intent was, because I don't know what the communications were between the defendants and the confidential informant at this point."

Baird said there could still be charges of counterfeit or simulated controlled substances. Both Guzman and Alvaro are scheduled for trial on January 30 through February 3.

The Drug Task Force couldn't be reached for comment. We also tried reaching the Prosecutor's office for comment. 


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