LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- She was born in Jeffersonville with a love for Kentuckiana. 

Amy Hess has worked her way across the country and through many sectors of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to get to this point.

Hess is now the Special Agent in Charge at the FBI Louisville. While it's nice to be home, Hess says she knows there are very serious issues staring her and Kentuckians in the face.

A heroin epidemic has bled over the river and is taking over Kentucky's metro areas.

"The question is how do we combat that?" she said.

Her approach: snipping the problem at its root. 

"Who's responsible for providing those drugs, particularly with respect to overdoses?" Hess asked. "Who's responsible for providing that lethal combination to people?"

Hess wants to work with LMPD, Lexington Police and the DEA to get answers to those questions.

Gangs and a murder rate that's setting records, breaking hearts and stealing security are also serious priorities. 

"Violent crime clearly has dominated our narrative lately, because we've seen this uptick across the country," Hess said.

She is an expert in drugs, crime and gangs. In fact, Hess has spent much of her life fighting all of them. 

"I think we have to look at the problem differently. It's about identifying and helping the community identify what lead to that problem to begin with," she said.

The homegrown agent admits her approach won't fix our problems overnight, but she wants everyone to know that her mission here is and always will be deeply personal. 

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