LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The corner of Grinstead Drive and Lexington Road changed dramatically when MSD bought the old Jim Porter's Good Time Emporium for $5 million.

The plan is the build an $8.5-million-gallon stormwater basin underground, directly behind where Jim Porter's stood.

"It's new to Louisville," said Greg Powell, MSD construction manager. "It's been done in many other areas of the country. We've gone and looked those and gone by their example."

The only question was what was going to be on top and how it might effect the trails around Beargrass Creek.

"As we evolve, we take public input," Powell said.

That input led MSD to a green space, parking, trail head and even more trail space.

"We're adding about 1/3 of a mile of new trail, [and] around the basin there's another quarter," Powell said. "Construction will begin by middle of next summer."

During that construction, equipment will be parked and stored at the former Jim Porter's site. After that, MSD plans to sell it. 

"I never like construction, but I guess that's the price of progress," said Kevin Grangier the owner of Le Moo across the street from the site. "I'm excited their bringing something that attracts people to the area."

Ultimately, the goal of the $35 million project is to keep flood waters low and the creek clean. 

Construction will likely be completed some time in 2020.

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