LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A piece of history in the Confederate Monument on the University of Louisville campus was opened on Monday.

Crews should finish taking apart the controversial monument Tuesday. It will be moved to Brandenburg, Kentucky.

On Monday, officials got a look at a time capsule which was buried in the statue in 1895 -- but when crews opened the brass box, they found that the paper and fabrics inside had been damaged by water.

Crews say people put memoirs, including a Bible, Confederate money, and possibly a flag inside the capsule.

"I think they are just like any other archival mission: they document the times and the values and what people found important at that time, so obviously it was important enough that they wanted people to know what their values were and what their beliefs were," said Sarah Lindgren, public art administrator. "I knew the world was changing in 1895, just as it is today and I guess they wanted people to know."

Archive experts are now working to see whether any of the contents can be recovered and eventually put on display.

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