LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville head football coach Bobby Petrino is known for putting points on the scoreboard, but those aren't his only impressive numbers.

His main job is to win football games, but the entire Petrino family is helping people win in the game of life.

We've seen him on the sidelines.

"Yeah, we like to score points," Petrino told WDRB News on Tuesday.

We've watched him do the impossible against teams like Florida State, and he could be the man behind the next Heisman winner.

But Lamar Jackson isn't Petrino's only star.

Kelsey Petrino-Scott is not only Petrino's daughter, but also his superstar off the field.

"She would have certainly been a first-team All-American, too," said Coach Petrino. "And [she] probably has more stress than Lamar does."

Inside the Trager Center, she is the quarterback and coach.

"Telling me what to do and everybody else what to do ... she has a huge passion for it," Petrino said.

As executive director of the Petrino Family Foundation, Petrino-Scott comes up with the game plan.

"And just like the quarter, you always have to think on your feet, you know, you have to have plan A, but you have to have plan B and sometimes even plan C," said Petrino-Scott, Executive Director of the Petrino Family Foundation.

The foundation uses tailgating parties to raise money.

"The money that we bring into the foundation, it goes to the community," she said.

The foundation was formed in 2014 and donated $60,000to several local charities, $170,000 the next year and is on track to donate $300,000 this year.

"Most of that money goes to the children's hospital," Petrino-Scott said.

The foundation even helped create a level one trauma center at Norton Children's Hospital. But that's not all.

"Just here in Louisville, I have 215 families living with us with 319 children," said Cathe Dykstra, President & CEO of Family Scholar House.

"All the families we serve are headed by a single parent who is a full-time college student."

Government programs help cover room and board but nothing extra, so the Petrino Foundation does.

"This program wouldn't exist without the foundation," Dykstra said.

The Petrino family is coaching not just a football team, but an entire community.

"It has really been fun, because it has been a family deal," Petrino said. "Everybody in our family has a role on the foundation and on the board."

His daughter leads the way, and the rest of the family is proudly on the bench.

"It has been fun to watch my daughter, Kelsey, be the head coach of it," Petrino said.

The Petrino family is working to grow the foundation and number of organizations receiving help.

Petrino also give 100 percent of his endorsement money to the foundation. So, altogether, the Petrino family has donated more than $1 million to local charities.

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