LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Close to 50 million people find themselves up in the air and on the road for a tradition that kicks off the holiday season: going home for Thanksgiving. 

"It's going to be great. It's always good to see the family," traveler Terry Young said.

Young is a Leitchfield native living in New York City, and he braves what can be the not-so-friendly skies and airports to get home.

"It was pretty backed up. There were tons of crowds. TSA was semi-long," he said.

Young made it without delays, but some other early fliers out of Louisville International weren't as lucky. 

What the airport is calling an electrical issue stopped the security checkpoint for close to 45 minutes. Two flights, one to Atlanta and another to Charlotte, were delayed.

If gassing up the car and hitting the road seemed like a better option, then you had to expect a few headaches.

"Definitely a lot more traffic than normal for sure," driver Thomas Baquiran said.

Even people who made a point to stay home and avoid it all noticed.

"My commute is about a 20-minute commute normally," Baquiran said. "With more traffic on the road, it's been a 30-minute commute."

On the brighter side, gas at many roadside stations, especially in Kentucky, is way down. A gallon at an Elizabethtown Five-star was only $1.77 per gallon.

Plus, the Ohio River bridges and all the ramps are open and ready.

"If you have family and friends coming in for Thanksgiving, and if they are going to be on I-65, it's going to be a much different commute for them this year," said Mindy Peterson with the Ohio River Bridges Project. "That means six lanes of northbound traffic on the Lincoln Bridge, six lanes southbound on the Kennedy."

The first major test of the Ohio River Bridges Project looks to have gone well. But if you made it through today and think you're home free, not so fast.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving is also an extremely busy travel day.

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