SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Crystal Hayden-Mobley says she’s been living like a caged animal for the last month.

“I couldn’t really go anywhere by myself," she said. "I went and bought a gun."

In late October, Hayden-Mobley suffered broken ribs, facial fractures and a concussion. She spent three days at University Hospital.

Shepherdsville Police said Hayden-Mobley’s now ex-boyfriend, Chad Vittitow, attacked her at her home then tried to set the place on fire while she was unconscious inside.

“He punched me two times, got me down on the ground and started stomping me with his feet,” Hayden-Mobley said. “I passed out, and next thing I know, it’s dark. I yell his name twice. He didn’t answer, so I took off running out of the house to the neighbors, and they called police for me.”

“He was literally trying to kill me, and since he didn’t beat me to death, I guess he was going to set the house on fire to kill me,” Hayden-Mobley said.

After the attack, Shepherdsville Police issued a warrant for VIttitow on charges of attempted murder and arson.

“He’s evil. He really is,” Hayden-Mobley said. “He almost killed me.”

On Tuesday evening, nearly a month after the assault, Vittitow turned himself in at the Bullitt County Detention Center.

“I’m not a monster like that, you know?” Vittitow told WDRB News from behind bars. “I’ve been in the woods. I’ve just been like freezing my butt off and basically scared to turn myself in.”

But Vittitow says he chose to turn himself in because he wanted investigators to stop bothering his family.

“I do admit, you know, I did slap her. I did punch her in the face, and I did push her down and push her off me a few times. I would admit to that to this day,” Vittitow said. “I want everybody to know that I would never try to kill her like that, nothing like that.”

Hayden-Mobley says she doesn’t buy Vittitow’s story, and she wants him to stay locked up for a long time.

“I left the house today by myself. I got to go to the store and see a friend,” Hayden-Mobley said. “All this pain’s gonna go away for me. He’s still gonna have to pay for what he’s done. For a long time, I pray and hope.”

Vittitow is expected in court later this month.

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