NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WDRB) -- In the confusion of Monday morning's attack on students at Ohio State University, there were three easy to understand words broadcast over and over again, "Run, Hide, Fight."

You don't have to explain its meaning to people on the IU Southeast campus. They already know. 

"You have three options that you have to determine based on your situation," said IU Southeast student Eric Asare.

"Run" means if there's a way to escape, do it. 

The "Hide" portion of the mantra suggests finding a safe spot and barricading yourself inside, so no one else can get in.

And "Fight" means to improvise, and use anything you can to ensure you're not the victim.

Students have all three words ingrained into their heads from the moment they step on campus. 

"In my first-year seminar class, they showed us a video on how it worked," Asare said.

The video is played for students to address worst-case scenarios and what to do if, heaven-forbid, they happen in our area.

Edelen uses it and explains how the idea works to full classrooms every year.

"It really depends on the situation you find yourself in, where you are, where the active aggressor is, how physically fit you are," he said.

Public safety experts at every other IU campus across the state do the same, because they think it offers the only three ways to take control of an unexpected, violent situation and live to tell the story.

"Your own survival is the top priority," said IUS Freshman Josh Rinzel.

UK and U of L also use the "Run, Hide, Fight" mantra.

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