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POV | What now for Cuba?

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Since 1959, Fidel Castro's Cuba has posed one of America's thorniest problems: How to deal with this sovereign nation, just 90 miles away, that stole billions in American capital through nationalization, oppressed and imprisoned its people and threatened our security by seeking military protection from our greatest global rivals?

The man responsible for all that is now dead, but the damage he's done remains. The Cuban infrastructure is crumbling, due to a lack of world trade. At least two generations of Cubans have been conditioned to rely on their pitiful government for everything instead of their own initiative. And families remain torn apart.

The recent partial opening of Cuba has been promising, but it hasn't been enough. Cuba has benefited from this renewed relationship with the U.S. without giving up anything, like relieving the oppression of their people.  Until that changes, Cuba is doomed to remain a relic of no present relevance.

Now that Fidel Castro as a figurehead no longer exists, it's my hope that President Trump will see the small opening that has been created, not as an end in itself, but as an opportunity to achieve much, much more. Cuba now needs the rest of the world more than ever, and strong negotiation is what's called for to bring about a new era in which our closest neighbor is no longer a pest, but a promising new partner.   

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.

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