SIMPSONVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- We now know the identity of the man who was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy in Simpsonville early Friday.

Kentucky State Police Trooper Bernie Napier says deputies responded to a break-in at Simpsonville Baptist Church around 4 a.m. Napier says the suspect, 22-year-old Dylan M. Dalzell of Shelbyville was pronounced dead at the Simpsonville Baptist Church by the Shelby County Coroner.

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office got a call Thursday about someone breaking into the same church. Because of that, some church congregation members stayed at the church overnight to keep an eye on the building.

Around 2:45 Friday morning, those church members staying the night called the sheriff's office about another break-in.

Three deputies responded to the church to investigate. Two went inside and one stayed outside. When they arrived Dalzell was inside the church.

Police say Dalzell was carrying a crowbar and refused several commands to drop it as he continued to approach the Deputy Sheriff who shot him. 

Three other suspects were also arrested. Police say they were acting as lookouts and are suspected of being involved past burglaries at the church. The suspects are as follows: 

  • Courtney L. Eggen, 27, of Shelbyville: Charged with burglary. 
  • Steven A. Mathus, 29, of Shelbyville. Charged with burglary and receiving stolen property under $500.
  • Chastity R. Heitzman, 27, of Shelbyville. Charged with burglary and receiving stolen property under $500.

Other charges are pending. 

Simpsonville Baptist Church serves as a daycare or school, but the shooting happened in an area of the church not affiliated with the daycare. 

On Friday morning, the church issued the following statement on its Facebook page:

By now some of you have heard and seen news reports on what has happened at SBC early this morning. A suspect broke-in to the older church building and was fatally wounded by a Shelby County officer. Our Adventure Club is open today and all workers and staff are safe and secure.

Barring any further investigation, we will still have our Christmas Dinner Celebration this evening at 7pm with Steve Ladd for those of you with tickets, as well as for Saturday evening at 6pm.

Please continue to pray for all involved, the family of the man who was shot, the police officer, and others involved. Thank you for all of your prayers!

The investigation continues. 

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