SANTA CLAUS, Ind. (WDRB) -- Kids all over the world will send their letters to Santa Claus, Indiana this season and a team of dedicated elves makes sure Saint Nick doesn't forget them.

"It's constant influx of people from all over, all over the world, really. We've had people from Australia, Japan, that come just to see Santa Claus, Indiana," Rachel Hann said, Post Office Clerk said.

Residents can take in the sights all year. However, America's Christmas Hometown seems extra special this time of year. 

Some say the post office helps deliver the magic and the countdown is on.

"We usually have a line all day long. They'll be outside when we open up on the first, ready to stamp," Hann said.

About 30 times the usual amount of mail will arrive this month. "Something different, something unique, people going that extra mile on their Christmas cards to make them special," Hann said. 

The post office receives cards, packages and letters to Santa, of course.

"We get sad letters," said Chief Elf Pat Koch. "We get letters from parents who are hurting, children who are hurting, already got a letter from a child asking that mother's cancer be cured. So, we cry, we laugh, we have a good time and it's the whole gamut of living and it's history too."

Santa's elves answer all of them every Christmas for more than 100 years. "My father helped Santa Claus all his life from the 1930s until he passed away in '84. It was his life and he wanted to make children happy and he certainly believed in Santa Claus, we all do," Koch said.

About 20,000 messages will come through the town's original post office this season. "Life's too short not to believe in Santa Claus and all those wonderful things that Santa Claus represents: joy, happiness, good will, children, laughter, family."

Thanks to these helpers, Santa's work keeps history and tradition alive. "It's like whenever you do something to help someone else, the reward is greater than the effort. I feel a great sense of accomplishment at the end on December 22, when we get it all done and we do get it all done," Koch said.

The Santa postmark is available at the Santa Claus Post Office through December 24. To mail a letter to Santa, send to Santa Claus, P.O. Box 1, Santa Claus, IN. The Santa Claus Museum & Village also invites guests to write a letter to Santa at its location. It's also accepting volunteers. Helpers can drop by the museum or call (812) 544-2434.  

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