SHELBYVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Open Door of Hope in Shelbyville has housed and helped hundreds of men in recovery.

Now, because of a growing need, the ministry is preparing to do the same for women.

"Heroin was my drug of choice," said Tanna Malone, who is in recovery.

Malone does not look like what she has been through.

"It had me ... the first time I took it."

But she is still very transparent about the highs and lows of her drug dealing and addiction.

"I tell people I hit rock bottom, but that wasn't low enough. I started digging."

Malone even recently shared her story and struggle on Facebook, with a post that included an embarrassing mug shot to give you the before and after.

"From neighborhood dope dealer, I'm the hope dealer," she said.

Malone is sharing her story to help introduce women to the new door to recovery about to open.

Jon Walker is the executive director of Open Door of Hope, a faith-based organization that helps men who are homeless and struggling with drug addiction.

"We are the only place for men," he said. There are some products for women, but they do not deal with addiction. That's why we're are opening this women's facility, so that we can fill that void in this community."

Right now, the Open Door of Hope is in the process of renovating a nearby home. It will soon house women in recovery.

"We are going to model the same program," Walker said. "Everything will look the same, it is just going to be women, versus men."

Walker said the heroin epidemic and number of women who need treatment are both growing.

"Everybody knows that we are just a men's ministry, and we get anywhere from five to ten calls a week regarding women in need," he said.

Malone says she put down the drugs two years ago, and she knows other women in Shelby County who need help doing the same.

"I could go through ten right now ... of women that need someplace to go, that need that help," she said.

The women's facility is scheduled to open in April. The ministry is a nonprofit that runs on donations from the community.

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