LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Thieves targeted a Louisville store, not for its money, but for its Jordan 11 “Space Jam” shoes. 

One man who owns 500 pairs of Jordans says this latest crime only makes getting them that much harder.

“I mean all Jordans are hot, but the 11's... it's crazy,” Deshaun Bradford said.

There are a few things Bradford believes makes the new Jordan 11s so collectible.

“It's all about the style. It's the patent leather," he said. "Plus, it's like the return issue when Michael Jordan came back to the game of basketball. So that's like the real big deal."

That’s why you see the number 45 on the back of the shoe, instead of Jordan's more widely known number -- 23.

The shoe also commemorates the 20th anniversary of Space Jam.

“Actually, it came out on my birthday, back in '96," Bradford said. "So I went to go see that like twice. So I am a big fan of Space Jam."

“I love that movie, really. It's one of my favorite movies,” said Dean Brewer, who wasn’t even born yet when the movie was released.

The popularity of the shoe now brings us to the City Gear store on Cane Run Road.

Police say the criminals who crashed into the shop stole Air Jordans.

“I think it's crazy the lengths people go through to get these dang tennis shoes, I know that,” said Jason Brewer, who is trying to get the shoes as a Christmas gift for his son.

However, store employees say the raffle to get the shoes is still going on as planned.

“When we heard about it, we didn't think we were going to be able to get it because somebody broke in, but we called today and said we could still go so we came up here,” Dean Brewer said.

The concern from shoe lovers now is just how many Jordans will be available come Saturday when they're released. Investigators and the store owner will not say how much merchandise was taken.

No one has been arrested for this crime. If you have any information you're asked to call police.

If customers are unable to get the new Jordan 11s in person on Saturday, Nike recommends downloading their app SNKRS here to purchase them online.

The online store opens at noon.

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