Despite my thoughts earlier this week regarding better ways to pay for the new Ohio River Bridges than tolls, I'm afraid that ship has already sailed. But is the system we're about to put into effect really the fairest for everyone?

Presently, daily commuters (currently defined as those who make at least 40 crossings a month) will pay the smallest amount - one dollar per trip. But that's still an increase of at least forty dollars a month over their current commuter costs -- and that's only if they don't happen to have any significant sick days or stick a vacation anywhere in there. If they fall below the 40-trip threshold, their per-trip cost automatically goes up to TWO dollars each way, and that seems onerous to me.

If I were calling the shots here, local commuters would only pay 50 cents each way, and get a lowered threshold of, say, 30 crossings per month to get that rate. Sure, that means the system wouldn't get as much money from that group, but it seems to me there's plenty of room to raise rates at the opposite end of the user scale to make it up. If interstate tractor trailers can afford twelve bucks, they certainly won't blink at fourteen.

I just believe the pain should be less for local commuters. And I don't think I'm alone.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.