LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- St. Matthews Police say surveillance video has recently proven to be an important tool for catching thieves in the act.

Property owner Mike Schneider couldn't stop the unwelcome visitor who hit Kenyon Properties off Breckenridge Lane and Hillsboro Road on Monday. The suspect his the same building twice, taking two packages from the doorstep.

"My tenants were violated," Schneider said.

Surveillance video caught the suspected thief from three different angles. 

"I do not like thieves and I don't like people coming on my property," Schneider said. "That's why we put the cameras up."

It happened at around 5 p.m.

"He has that cell phone stuck in his jacket, and you can see him throwing it over in the seat," Schneider said, reviewing the video.

And he wasn't done yet. 

"As he comes out, he sees the postwoman coming with a package, and he just couldn't resist," Schneider said. "Large package. You've already stolen one thing. Why not steal two?" 

The incident at Kenyon Properties marks the latest in a string of suspects St. Matthews Police need the public's help to find. 

"It's not just the fact that they're committing these thefts," said Det. Dennis McDonald of the St. Matthews Police Department. "It's the brashness with which they're committing these thefts." 

Police say surveillance video shows two ladies stealing credit cards from purses at the mall and using them at stores like Target.

They say video captured another suspect loading his backpack at a local grocery store. 

A man who took kids shoplifting was also caught on camera.

"It's almost like they don't care whether someone approaches them, confronts them, or whether there's video surveillance available," McDonald said.

As thefts rise during the holidays, police are offering three tips to help protect your packages: 

  • If you can't be there for pickup, ship to your job, your relative, or your neighbor
  • Request a signature confirmation for the item
  • If a signature confirmation is not an option, give specific delivery instructions, like to leave your package on your back step. or someplace out of sight

Schneider is making changes at his complex, as well.

"If any of the neighbors see a package, we're going to just start picking them up," Schneider said.

If you recognize any of the faces from this story, contact St. Matthews Police. 

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